June 2005

Temporary Surrogate Mother

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I admire and yet pity you Immersed in their worlds Happy to drop everything To help one or the other Nothing is too important Not for you, temporary surrogate mother And I wonder, alone, as I do While you walk their path Holding their hands Touching their lives Lost unto your own Do you admire… Read More »Temporary Surrogate Mother

Right Noise?

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Hopefully captures the whole waking up in a sombre and somewhat angry mood, and seeing the world’s stark reality as something to run from… to shut away…. to hate… until people remind you why its fun to be in it…

Tongue Lash

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Life is full of weird and wonderful people. Some of those people seem content to tear through life leaving ripples the size of tsunami’s, disrupting peoples lives with seemingly no remorse, or apologies. Thats fine, we avoid them… Until its someone you know and care about that creates the ripples…

It’s hard seeing the world from both sides, and it’s hard not to be angry with them, and it’s hard not to defend them.

My brain hurts.

So I guess this is the tongue lashing one of those people didn’t get yet…


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It’s a story, it’s a journey. I hope it touches on, without too deeply biting into the pain of loss.


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It’s been a long 27 years, and with that many years at least ahead of me (I hope) i feel its time I earned a little break… One can fight forever, but one can’t fight well forever…..


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As time goes by…

Am I Missing Something?

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It’s been a funny day. Dread filling every cell, waiting for something unknown, maybe I’m that unknown. Maybe the dread is of what I could do to myself….


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Every once in a while we all retreat, into our minds, our hearts, or nothing. I’ve been looking for a way to explain how it feels sometimes, that retreat, the fear I’ve aqcuired, the feeling of not being able to come back when I want to…