May 2005


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Venting really, but I’m not happy with the poem yet, some tweaking to do


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A moment in the life of Curt


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Repetitive patterns of emotional disturbance…

Where Should I Wait

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I deliberately stepped out of life once, not too long ago. And then… for some reason, when I thought I was stepping back into it, my heart wide open for the oncoming world… I realised I wasnt… I stepped back further, life by proxy, through the firewall of soul protecting cynicism, cleaned up by the anti-cynicism firewall…. But where do I stand? Do I take a step forward? Back into the world of protected, walled in me? Or two steps and get slaughtered?

[smiles] go where you’re comfortable doofah, and stop trying to be all things to all men (and women!). Looking for my niche… has anyone seen it?


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Rant… [nods] what else can I say?


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For sam hehe, she wanted a poem about choccy