The Snap of Insanity

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Lives ricochet away
Minds dazed and confused seek refuge
Hearts broken and damaged run for cover
His eyes witnessing their desperate bid for safety
His mind to sneer in silence

Chaos reigns
Churning whirlwind of unfathomable anger
Raging, Pouring, destroying
Fading, into silence.

A dark storm blows behind dark irises
Earthquake shifting the continents of his face
Age lines, laughter lines distorted by faults
Followed, quickly by silence.

Eyes watch him warily
Fearing the snap of his teeth
The lash of his tongue
Unblinking, unthinking, unmoving

Tentative hands reach
Finding a non sensitive place on his shoulders
Soothing him, calming him
Those hands his own, comforting
In silence

Tears fall slowly
In his mind alone they roll
Pitying the weak, lost and enraged figure
Himself, surrounded by, submitting to

For the snap of insanity
Makes no real sound
Only silence.