So… I switched

One sunday morning, in March 2014, I saw an advert on tv that said "How will you tell your child about your lung cancer?  How will you tell them that you chose this death over them"

Instantly I imagined having this conversation with my kids.

45 minutes later I was driving to a shop in Darlington that sold vape equipment and e-cigs.  A box of 20 ciggies on mu dashboard and a horrible heavy feeling in my hearr. What if it's too late?

I paid 40 quid that I couldn't afford for my starter kit. I walked out of the shop, put the ecig together and never looked back.

Thats a mild fib.  Several times I've felt the familiar pang of craving.  The ecig takes the edge off, tastes better and smells loada better, but I struggle to get through an hour without it.  I could manage that with real cigarettes.

Sometimes I look at the packs longingly in the shops.  Sometimes I wake up and want nothing more than the taste of burnt tobacco, the irritating smoke in my eyes, the lingering smell on my hands...  but I don't want to go there.  I'm too far along for that!

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