MCM Scotland – Glasgow Comic Con 2013

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We were clever this time, booking a hotel room the night before.  We had to journey from Newton Aycliffe to Cumbernauld, then to Cupar, back to Cumbernauld to collect everyone for this con, it was going to be rough.  In fact, I took the Friday off work to really make sure we were ready for it!

After some last minute costume changes while we were waiting for everyone to get back from work, college and so on when the heavens opened, And boy did they open!

We plotted the best course in the GPS, called the people in Cupar to let them know we were setting off and then watched as Google informed us that the roads were closed and we had to take a detour.  Lovely.

So, A66 it was.  Which meant heading south for quite a distance, crossing the country, over Cumbria, where the heavens hadn't just opened, they'd actively purged.  We spent a great deal of time with the car slipping in and out of control, watching other cars spinning past us or worse.  This did not bode well.

It was 11pm when I reached Cupar, the weather was fair there, completely baffled, I picked up Addy and we headed back to Glasgow - the heavens waiting halfway back, once more driving with my nose against the windshield, the car peaking at 20mph and the fuel needle now loving it's new home in the red.

Finally at the hotel, we all crawled into bed for 6 or 7 hours of shut-eye.

Next morning, up with the larks, Beth busily primping make up, James busy doing James things - I ran to the absolutely enormous Asda in search of safety pins, and Adam got himself ready for his costume, an hour later we're all done and standing in Burger King, getting the strangest looks from people who don't know what the hell a Comic Con is!  Eventually, after a few GPS glitches, a few Dad driving errors (sorry) and a lot of cursing, we ended up at the SECC, queued for 8 minutes and...

We had the most amazing day!  Not as big as Manchester but the passion was as strong as ever, and so many adorable, cute, or downright scary costumes.

A massive shout out to Lady Loki, and Black Widow, my two favourite costumes of the day!


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