Making A Start

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My biggest unexpected surprise this Chrimbo was a Raspberry Pi development kit, from my lovely fiance Fi.  Now; being a dreamer with a long list of devices I want to build (most of which run servos with intricately designed interaction - however I can't wait to create my very own JARVIS) the Raspberry Pi is like a slap in the face with a holy grail.  I want to use it so bad that my brain has goosebumps.

Of course first I have to learn how to set it up, what OS is the best to use, get better acquainted with Linux, make my damned wireless work, figure out how to get it to talk to Arduino, and have Arduino talk back (politely)...

So my first project is going to be .... Voice recognition.  Make the Pi understand my needs, "Pi... Get me some pie!!"

Of course it's not that straight forward, so each step will be documented here, with code, and screw ups.  Feel free to hop in and help!

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