Back on Two Wheels

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There's a small creature that lives in many of us. It sits at the back of your mind, resting its head against the rawest parts of your soul, tiny, helpless and waiting.

This little creature may be smaller than your fear, and the collection of other peoples fears, or it may be bigger, taller and bolder, pushing the fear down and stomping over it like a bulldozer over snow.

Over a decade ago I finally decided I was ready to get myself a motorbike, so I did. I rode for a couple of years, just a little Lifan 125 Honda CG clone, but it was fun!

Unfortunately I got ill with Rheumatoid Arthritis and soon couldn't even get on the bike.

2019 we rediscovered my little lifan sitting in a garage. Adam, now 18, decided he wanted to learn to ride, so we refurbished the bike from the ground up! It took most of the summer, passing it's MOT first time just in time for Adam and I to take our CBT's and pick up a second 125cc for us to go riding together on.

now in 2020 I've passed my Mod1 and working towards my Mod2, picked up an XJ600 and loving her to bits!

Fi has her own 125cc (Sinnis YBR Clone) and passed her CBT and the 3 of us are on the roads on 2 wheels!

Here we'll document any cool rides we do, any maintenance, repairs and rebuilds. Each bike will get it's own little category to make things easier!

Come along, the pegs are down!

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