October 2007


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Not great, but my head is still in bits. Bethany came home today, bright and sparkly like a dry cleaned hyperactive bunny rabbit. Loaded on painkillers of course 😛

A Wake Up Call

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Beth was hit by a car today, she broke the windshield with her head, and seems to have stopped the car with everything else. She’s doing okay, broken arm, lost a lot of hair, more bruises than the inventor of the automatic tennis ball server and more cuts than the guy who tested the first vibrating razor.

As ever her chin is up, her smile remains and she’s chuckling at every lame attempt of wit dad throws in the air.

More to come tomorrow

Its Back

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Another bad back day – first real bad one in a long time


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Random – How I miss writing!

Lil Sis

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And for Ali…


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Inspired by Ali


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Its been one of those years