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Pale but smiling face, "I'm okay dad, really" Your expression says
"I can laugh and be myself again", the"What if..." thought still remains
You're battered, bruised and broken, With bright excited eyes
Just another of life's adventures - experience makes us wise

Pale and crying face "It hurts but I'll be fine" Your expression says
"It could have been worse you know..." the thought my mind does raise
You're battered, bruised and broken, But time will soon repair
The consequence of adventures that bring your dad despair!

Pale and frown creased face, "Don't ever do this again" my expression says
"I'm not sure I can handle the despair, the fear the pain!"
You're battered, bruised and broken, but your heart bounced back with grace
Mine's too old for these adventures - it just can't take the pace!