Written Word

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Looking over my latest wordly assault
Do you know? I actually make sense
My pen is truly mightier than the sword
My words do cut deeper than..

Pausing I reread the final time
Words coarsing over my screen
Defiant, angry words with deep red eyes
Happy, careless words with blonde hair and a smile
Sad, hopeless words, like me, dressed in black
Shadowy brown eyes echoing despair
Glassy reflection growing with every letter
Those words are really mine
Those pains from deep inside
D e l e t e?

I hover over the key
Amazing feat if you can do it
What morbid curiosity would bring you
My reader and possibly even a fan?
What would bring you see my pain?

Do you celebrate my loss
My hurt, my tragic frustration?
Bask in my uncertainty?
Or do you care?
Does my soul bother you?
Should yours bother me?

I hover over the key
Amazing feat if you can do it
I can't.

Delete my own words
My own past or future
It would be wrong

My eyes close
One more hurtful moment shared
And why?

Is it to pass on the responsibility?
This is what I face, actually you're facing it now
Take some of the weight, my legs are buckling

Is it to gain trust?
I've shown you mine - now you show me yours.
You have to like me, I'm weak
Lick lick pant pant wanna play ball huh huh?

Once more the eternal clown smiles
Casting a final eye over the "upload complete"
Need to make a giggle, heart rolling in its grave
Need to make someone happy, eyes rolling in their sockets
Soul writhing as it once more settles into its coffin

On the prowl, eyes open, grin wide
Hey Hi Hello Dude!
Hug Smile Snuggle Babe!
Blink from inside

Free for now;
But another poem,
One more written word,
One more vent
Coming soon.