Still Unsure

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Her eyes caught mine
Indirectly, not to meet - merely notice
Their decisiveness and strength
Away I turned, away I walked
Too much to lose in one glance

My eyes sought her
Distantly, not to be seen - just looking.
She, confident and carefree
Alone I smiled, away I walked.
Too much to give to one chance

Her eyes met mine
Smiling, just to greet - no pressure
Absorbed in unknown power
Shy I turned, away I walked
Much to my own insistance

My eyes held hers
Reaching, to touch - to treasure
She, unique, enthusing
Lost I stepped back, but never walked
Too clumsy whines "I don't dance"

My eyes held pain
Draining, slowly - but surely
And I am awed, too soon, too easy
Don't want to hurt, nor want to walk
Am I too lost for romance.

Her eyes were clear
Open, honest - special
Truth captivating, enthusing
She took my arm, soon we walked
No rules made in advance

My eyes found her
How come? amazed - enthralled.
Rebound, destructive, possible
Of this afraid, for that she'll walk
and I will offer no resistance