The Three Wasn’t Here’s

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A battle wages deep within
The country torn apart
A secret theat against the king
To hiding he departs

Protected by a few good men
Their legend serves them well
Opponents cringe and writhe with hate
Within them fear doth swell

'Aloof', the leader of our three
So quiet and yet so strong
Reliable until the bitter end
He can do so little wrong

'Unsaid' the second of our three
Bearer of secrets beyond death
Perfectly calm he protects the intel
Utters nothing upon his breath

Completing our trio the noble 'Smile'
A decoy and master of disguise
Essential to the survival of our king
The costumes our heros devise

And so the revolt continues unheeded
But our fair king is safe and sound
The Three Wasn't Here's protecting him
They'll permanently be around