The Slug pt1

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"I've found something special"
Says a slug to his best mate,
"I've found a place I can go!"
She gave him a glance, as he stood in his pants
Then he crawled under an upturned bowl

"Too long I have waited"
Says the slug in the corner
"For a place I could call my own"
He waves to the snail, 2 feet down the trail
And clambers inside his new home

Alone on the sofa
One foot in one loafer
A slug with some walls and a phone
Talking for hours, to old friends on flowers
Because he's never felt so alone

"I'll never be sated!"
He blurts out, frustrated
"This far from my friends and my meals"
He hitches his loafer, gets up off his sofa
And wishes he was born with wheels

"gah this thing is heavy"
He grunts and he groans
"I'll have pecs like cobbles quite soon"
Dragging the 'house' past a giggling mouse
Doesn't realise he looks like a loon

"At last there's the flowers!"
He slumps to the floor,
"I'd give anything for a munch"
Taking a break, before he sets off to take
His home and possessions to lunch

"Hey snails how ya rolling?"
He winks and looks flashy,
"My home is deluxe and the best"
The snails glance over, at the bowl inscribed Rover"
And shake tentacles at this pest

"Don't laugh at me shellboy"
He angrily mutters
"See what happens when slugs evolve?"
He glares at his buddies like they're local hoodies
And stomps back inside of his bowl