Little Puppy 2

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Little puppy
Do you push me to extremes
I know its just a game to you!
For me? Not as fun as it seems!
"Throw the god damned ball!!" You bark
My arm now tired and sore
But I can't resist those puppy eyes
So I hurl the ball once more...

Little puppy
Do I aim it for the wall
I know you will get over it
But then? From the top you'll fall.
"I'm going for the ball!!" You bark
Your legs not even sore
You should look with those puppy eyes
Over the wall there is no floor!

Little puppy
Passing cliff stone, rock and branch
I know you'll hit the bottom soon
That you just won't stand a chance
"I'm falling through the air!!" You bark
Do you know what lies in store?
I'll recall those puppy eyes
But I'll throw that ball no more!