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She lay naked beside him, her eyes closed and breathing light as she lived out a life in dreamstate. He watched quietly, naked also, wondering in which world she walked right now.

His sigh was subtle, consciously held back. A sigh coupled with delight and anger, this would be his last night for a long time. There were so many things to change, and so many he wished would never change, never pass, like this moment. His mind travelled his body, highlighting each muscle, bone and folical that touched her, which she leaned gently into before drifting off, and he smiled once more.

A million miles away a dog barked, a big dog. It caught his attention only for a moment, the urge to view the possessor of such a voice passing quickly, almost apologetic for his lapse of attention he leaned forward and brushed her cheek with his lips. He knew she didn't notice, sleep takes you like that, the effort was as much for him as for her. The barking drifted almost ghostlike to join the myriad of other sounds that pulsated without attention or reason, unheeded by him and now long forgotten.

The corner of his eye caught the clock changing to 3:00am, another sigh.

laying himself down gently so as not to disturb his blissfully sleeping angel he had resigned himself to sleep. Undoubtedly he would wake again soon and slowly open his eyes to watch her once more. Darkness fell quickly as sleep consumed him, his dying waking thoughts now counting parts of him that only slightly touched her pale delicate skin.

Time could pass with unmatched speed in sleep, it could also drag impeded in dozing. He raised his head and blurrily looked at the clock, 4:15am. Sleep only seemed minutes long, he felt slightly cheated. Without thinking he turned to his side, to face her. Disturbing whatever dream she was exploring now. For a moment they lay, eye to eye, smiling softly. No need to speak, gently he touched her cheek, stroking lightly and reassuringly, her eyelids fell as she moved closer. Her murmer inaudible but appealing nonetheless. He moved his hand, draping his arm gently around her waist. Could she possibly know how content he was right now?

His eyes closed once more, he smiled as she snuggled closer still, her head finding a comfortable position on his shoulder as he moved to accomodate. Somehow his left arm slipped underneath her and pulled her against him, he kissed the top of her head and sighed happily, slipping gradually back into his own world of dreams.

She'd moved when he woke. He felt the gentle touch of her lips on his chest, ever so light and tantalysing. The desire to stay perfectly still and enjoy each touch was overwhelming. A tiny smile touched his lips as he carressed a curved line over her shoulder. In a short moment their lips met in a gentle, loving kiss. He wasn't at all clear on the time, it didn't matter, time rarely did to them until it was too late.

She returned to his chest, kissing from the top towards his navel, each touch even and yet each touch twice as powerful as the previous. As she moved his arms lost their positions around her, falling softly onto an all too comfortable mattress. A moment later they were gently held there, an unspoken request he wouldn't deny.

As she neared his waistline his eyes closed responsively, by now each gentle kiss was beyond bliss, placed with seemingly infinite knowledge of how to gain most effect. Involuntarily he shuddered, goosebumps breaking out throughout his body as he fought the reflexive squirm she triggered. This however, could not be fought as her lips found his most sensitive area. Embarrassingly aroused he twisted slightly as the full impact of that kiss hit him. She released his arms and brought her hands to the same area.

A gasp... a world of nothing but pleasure. He reached to pause her, over-whelmed by the speed in which she'd furthered his arousal. Instead she met his hand with her cheek, then turned slowly to envelope his fingers singularly with her mouth. Helplessness can be enjoyed too - here he provided proof.

Her mouth returned to his almost overly sensitive penis, this time engulfing it suddenly, his gasp further pushing her to continue. The intensity of his reaction to her love making caught him unprepared, his back arched as he began to fight the urge to push towards her, mirroring her movement, as moments passed it became desire and need, he pulled himself free, well aware that he would ejaculate very shortly if he didn't.

Before she could regain her momentarily paused momentum he reached forward, taking each hand in his own and pulled her towards him, almost scared to speak and ruin the moment. She resisted for a moment before leaning in to meet his kiss. His tongue met hers as he pulled her against him, too aware of how close he was to finishing, hoping that she knew too. He needed to stall, to make her feel as he did now.

As their kiss grew in passion he turned and pressed her down onto the bed, breaking the kiss before even that brought him to the end. He kissed her nipple lightly, feeling it harden quickly as if to take full possession of each touch, he responded by offering more, flicking lightly with his tongue before enveloping it with his lips and pressing gently. She squirmed under him as he took it into his mouth, carressing heavily with his tongue.

He moved to the other breast, treating it equally as his hand moved to carressed the first, rythmically rubbing, pressing, licking as the nipple grew to what almost seemed painfully taut. Gently touching it with his lips in what was almost a goodbye kiss he moved away and began to kiss a path down her stomach. He felt her thrust gently against him, but he couldn't do that yet, he wanted a union, a shared experience, to give to her the incredible feeling she was offering to him.

He moved to the side, knowing how sensitive she was there, a smile crossed his face as his tongue traced over the area causing an instant squirm, it wasn't solely his intention to tickle though. He maintained a downward course, meeting her hip before moving back towards the middle. All the while kissing, licking the area closest to his lips. He kissed beside her pubic hair, pressing his cheek a little harder against the bone to meet her gentle thrust before moving further down.

She read his intentions and moved to make it a little easier, freezing as his lips met and brushed against her. Slowly he moved forward, the tip of his tongue reaching her, touching lightly before pulling away. Her sigh urged him on as he licked again slowly, lightly. Feeling her want, his want, almost lost in the passion, desperate to please.

She pushed towards him and he met her, the taste of her as exciting as anything else. Exploring with his tongue, gauging each action by her reaction, he pressed inwards, filling as much as he could, rubbing less gently than previously. As a shared rhythm was met he felt her tense, her hands gripping his arms and pulling him onwards, soon she was moving against him, and he was lost to the desire to bring her to that moment of exquisite pleasure.

His hands found her breasts, carressing much more firmly while he continued below, her soft sighs becoming moans, her movements becoming much more rapid. She froze, her breathing, her movement.... He forced his tongue in further, pressing hard against her most sensitive point, moving quicker, taking her on to the point that the sheer force of the build up prevented her from doing.

As she cried out he stopped, holding against her as she thrust, wanting so much more, her body incredibly tense as shudders swept through her, hands grasping at him, holding him firm... and as the intensity began to fade, he licked her gently once more, sparking a fresh wave, stronger than the first. He lifted away from her as she strained to fight the oncoming orgasm, moving up towards her face.. Softly his penis touched against her, he gently kissed her and pressed inwards, slowly and carefully aware of her new heightened sensitivity.

Relief washed over her as she relaxed, her eyes reflecting her helplessness. He moved slowly, lovingly... no longer was this about taking her anywhere, now he simply wanted to love, and to make love. Slowly, and shallowly. His thrusts were unmatched as she recovered, her breathing slowing and body still shivering. He kissed her neck softly, watching her swallow and smiling softly, and slowly she began to move with him, her arms reaching around him, pulling with him.

Their lips met once more, a long drawn kiss, exploring each others lips with delving tongues, their breaths matched and becoming increasingly quicker, he knew she sensed his own build up as much as he had felt hers. As their movements began to gain speed he moaned softly, feeling her warmth envelope every centimetre of him... the tensing of her own internal muscles to match the swelling of him. Her strengthening grip upon him, the increased desperation of their kisses. He pressed deeper still, forcing a slower pace, determined to match and meet her this time, shuddering as the intensity doubled as he found the the very top of her.

His own moan became a cry as the orgasm hit. The immediate tensing of every muscle in his body mirrored a split second later by hers as he grew and filled her completley, still moving he kissed her hard as that incredibly burst ripped through him, disconnecting him from everything, he pushed hard, giving everything he could to her in that one moment before ejaculation, heightened by her own orgasm, her grip on every part of him. In unison they tensed, they cried out, reaching that climax before collapsing together to lay unhindered, still coupled and completely and utterly satiated.