For this to work, you will need a USB drive (4gig or more) which is formatted to NTFS, I sacrificed my system restore USB… ouch.

Now, the information on the page is pretty good – but we followed it to the letter, for each of the update files with no success.

So here’s the approach that worked – I probably don’t have to tell you this, but the steps worked for us, they may not work for you YMMV!

Hide or Replace Missing Images

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With jQuery you can watch for the error when the browser can’t find an image – then do what you want with it 🙂

Breadcrumbs on Magento 1.9

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Finding that your breadcrumbs aren’t working in 1.9?  Replace the call with <?php  echo $this->getLayout()->getBlock(“breadcrumbs”)->toHtml()?>