Life and Times of A Pessimistic Optimist

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I wake, again
It's never fair, waking
Watched Utopia disappear
Gently pressed into Monday
Naked, alone, empty
Could life be better?

I shake the pain
It's never easy, standing
Wish the pain would disappear
Slowly pressed into moving
Older, broken, lonely
Could life be better?

They say the same
It's never funny, listening
Won't the arses disappear?
I'm depressed, their moaning
ungrateful, mindless welks
Alive, so why so bitter?

just a game
It's never easy, winning
Depression soon will disappear
I'm impressed, milking
joking, laffing, amused
watching, heads Monday will batter.

Home again,
It's never boring, Monday
But soon it has to disappear
I'm exhausted, mostly
Tired, happy, buzzing
Drifting, Tuesday might be better.