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Preparing for the moment
Bringing joyous laughter to you
Pleasing me, as each smile you give does
This laughter will cut, chisel
without the eyes or touch of a sculptor
I tense, ready to supply the line
Ready to absorb the wonder of your smile
Ready to be broken - for laughter

Sometimes my only compliment
Something I could be sure of
Bringing smiles to the unhappy
thus a smile to me
Striving for a show
Planned responses
Automatic quips
Enducing, enticing...

A strengthener of love
Tension lost to dimples
Squinted eyes
A bitten lip
and the burst from the throat

Wanted, needed, sought
Everyday, every chance
My own smiles dying if I cannot bring
If I cannot supply...

Now my humour rises
though my smiles are false
and my eyes wish to close
and my heart prepares to sink
as knowingly, wittingly
carelessly accepting pain
I utter...."Marry me"
to secure your laughter