Little Jewel

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That little girl stood crying
in the corner of a room
And nobody took the time to note
What caused her so much gloom

She held her sobs, her voice was choked
She looked into the crowd
Of children running, playing, fun
Their noise so very loud

That little girl stood crying
She held such awful woe
Her tears they streamed relentless
but no-one seemed to know

Then someone slipped into her gaze
and held her hand so gentle
"What hurts you little Julie dear?"
as he wiped her cheeks a little

That little girl stood crying
quickly pulled herself up straight
She looked into his eyes and paused
as she thought of how to say it

I want to give something special, to my favourite friends
Something that I know they want - so bad they even pretend

But I want to keep it special, and keep it just for me
but thats selfish, for they haven't got one of their own, you see?

Some have never had one, others just went away
some were taken without goodbyes some terrible unhappy day

But I've still got my daddy, he say's that'll always be
I want to give him to my friends, so they can smile like me...

That little girl stood crying
Soon he was crying too
He held her close and held her tight
his precious little jewel