The Hunter

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Cold moon white in Autumn sky
Darkness his world
Darkness his life
Watching with interest
Approaching with stealth
Weary, hungry this traveller
and taker of health

Cold moon hiding in blackened cloud
Invisible his being
Invisible his shroud
Stalking with expertise
Approaching with need
Weary, hungry our hunter
with killer disease.

Warm light of oil burns
Occupied our victim
Occupied she turns
Blissfully ignorant
Approached without fear
Weary, hungry this shadow
with prey oh so near.

Cold moon lost behind closing door
Darkness now missing
Darkness his world
Driven by hunger
approaching his prey
weary, hungry predator
not eager to play.

Warm light of oil dies
Captured his victim
Captured she screams
Biting with instinct
A victim to drain
Weary, hungry our diner
Ignoring her pain.

Warm light of life gone
Discarded her body
Discarded this soul
A satisfied killer
approaching the door
viscious, deadly hunter
into darkness once more.