Last Flight

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To take to the wind on my wings
Soaring high, circling, exploring
A free bird so far from the pain of humanity
So high above the destruction, the tears, the hatred
Alone, safe, in control.

A million lives below my gaze
Shattered souls, crying, enduring
Innocents trapped in the pain of humanity
Victims of destruction, tears and hatred
Alone, lost, no control.

I take the wind beneath my wings
Gaining height, fleeing, escaping
Terrified of the pain of my own humanity
Carrying my destruction, my tears, my hatred
Alone, scared, without control

A million lives escape my gaze
loving souls, waiting, hoping
Attendants serving the joys of humanity
Offering completion, love, forgiveness
Alone, waiting, such control

I lose the wind and fold my wings
Gathering Speed, falling, plummetting
Numbed in the loss of my own humanity
Seeking destruction of tears and of hatred
Alone, dying, at my control.

A million lives escape my thoughts
Countless souls, pointless, unheeded
Of consequence in only their corners of humanity
I find restoration, love, reason
Alone, with you, and no control