Ending It

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Beside her, he stands at the clifftop
To the torrent below they both stare
Wistful, fleeting he browses his life
His family and the white waters there.

She reaches for him, reassurance?
For a moment his eyes meet her gaze
Welling with tears; he inhales
Then tells of those now torrent days

The torture, the pain and the angers
Recited with acceptance of blame
Frustrated he blurts out his reasons
As she thinks on the rules of the game

Its over my love, she whispers
Your lost in a place I can't be
Forever I have stood here waiting
But you never came here for me

I can't spend my life as an extra
I can't wait for you to be sure
you have a great family and future
But you're greedy and always want more

It's not that I'm angry or hurting
I've just seen that it's time to move on
All the dreams that we've shared are eternal
But the magic that builds them is gone

Her smile is so forced as she reaches
Strokes his cheek with her hand as they part
Go back to your wife and your children
There's no room for me in your heart

And turning, embracing her freedom
From the man that she's loved all these years
The light in the dark that surrounds her
Who saves her from all of her fears

Don't go, is his whisper so futile
Destroyed in a beat by the wind
How he wants to convince her to turn back
But doesn't know where to begin

Confusion, she's going the wrong way
She's walking too close to the drop
He calls out her name in a warning
Desperate to tell her to stop

My love, is her smiling reaction
We both know you never could rest
Knowing I'm out here and not with you?
We know thats not for the best.

Towards her he moves, arms reaching
Tries to speak but he can't catch his breath
She closes her eyes, I loved you
And a sigh as she falls to her death