From The Dark

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The flow of cool air over his face stirs
thoughts of freedom, happiness, peace
Though his heart remains imprisoned
Eyes watch the door
Hands touch the chains

The warm sound of laughter to his ears calls,
his presence requested for pleasure,
Though his soul writhes in agony
Eyes fix to the floor
Hands cling for safety

The cold days of yesterday echo like crow calls
among the tombstones within his mind
Buried dreams of tomorrow
Eyes glaze in fantasy
Hands clench with desire

The light of today casts deeper shadows
into his cold, darkened past
Where futures lay still, broken
Eyes blind in hopelessness
Hands lame in uselessness

And now his demons writhe in darkness,
Clinging, needing, wanting, calling
As his dreams become reality
As his eyes see with certainty
As his hands reach confidently...

into the light, from the dark...