For Daddies

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There is a place I can be
A place I can hide
Where nothing do i feel
but special inside
Where the sun always shines
The sky always blue
Only clouds when we want them
And then just a few

There is a place I can be
A place I can live
Nothing to fight
Nothing to forgive
Where I'm always happy
No matter how pained
I'm not known as Curt there
No, Daddy's the name

There is a place I can be
Its not here or there
A place built on people
It's everywhere
I stand with my children
And look where I stand
In my place, I am Daddy
It's the best place in the land.

There is a man I can be
A man who is loved
Someone of who's presence
They just can't get enough
His eyes never further
Than what's in front on his face
Nothing hidden, just being Daddy
In a Daddy's rightful place