cynical nutters who bunny boil you over the internet

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one meeting - all it takes
Your life history, speak your mind
Every memory you could find
Gonna leave you, Disconnect you
Not sure I could forget you

Another meeting another day
your life dropped, you want mine
Psycho stalker crossed the line
Don't believe you, what came over you
Do I wish I never met you?

Enforced meeting, gimme a break!
You've been waiting all the while
I can imagine your twisted smile
Now I fear you, now I flee you
Silent threatening but I hear you

Several meetings, my mistake
Now i'm alone and in your head
my kids are missing, my bunny's dead
Hold me near you, pretend I love you
mass delusion, demons steer you

Now we're eating bunny stake
I'm afraid, your victim slave
Thinking "Why me - Why not Dave?"
you know I hate you, does it matter to you?
That boiling bunny, soon to be you..