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Her eyes pleaded and yet smiled
and I grinned, this trick well known by now
A woman's charm exercised
A man's desire monopolised
How could I say no?

Head atilt, her eyelids flutter
Shoulders up, and a slight stutter
Hands all awkward, bottom lip aquiver
"For me you can, just for me deliver"

And I alone am targetted
At centre stage and highlighted
A million faces turned to see
Refusal coming out of me
And I alone do stand, and smile
And let her act on for a while
So cute her moves, adorable
refusal incomprehensible

YES! I cry, but not so loud
Embarrased before the watching crowd
"I reckon so, but you must try!
I won't do it all, not this guy"

YES! I mean, just let me be
Can't handle cuteness, gah! not me
Will melt and whine and just give in
Advantage gained you'll always win..

Yes I smile, and yes I meant
Not politeness, nor the truth all bent
Convinced its worth a little time
To work for this new friend of mine...