Not A Bully

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You did it first
It was self defence
I don't care if you hate me
I have enough friends

Now I'll wait round the corner
With backup and co
Just wait till you get here
Then despair you will know!

Are you staring? Are you starting?
Come on then lets go!
Give me all that you've got kid
Can you take down this foe?

Do I feel like a bully?
No, not in the least
Run my playground war slyly
Say I'm keeping the peace

And I know they'll stand by me
Because they all live in fear
Stand against me? Thats suicide.
I'm the biggest guy here!

So they'll help while I pound you
Knock you flat on your back
Even though they feel different
They say I'm on the right track

But this isn't the playground
School a lost memory
This is politics not playtime
I'm president not bully

Watch your back little country
While I bomb your good friends
Destroy all your allies
Even then it won't end

Behind the banner of freedom
Human rights, my defence
The right of my claim to your oil
The goal behind my pretence

You think I do it for power
Or like a bully just for fun
Nope. Just oil I've been chasing
And when I've got it, I'm done.