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BANG! It's what it's all about
The crater you leave behind
The trail of your passing
Your impact in anothers mind?

Your actions blazing through darkened skies
Trailing purpose, meaning and reason
A million eyes watching, envious, awestruck eyes
Amazed at impending conclusion

That crashing boom of impact
The twisting of fiber, subtance
The explosion that shakes their worlds
The destruction of resistance

It's what it's all about
Being the face they don't forget
Your life, your words, your actions bold
And you'll get louder yet!!

And yet you won't while you fizzle
Smouldering quietly in the distance
Soundless impact, meaningless reasons
Existing with no consequence

It's what it's all about
It's living your dreams
Building your world
And it's beyond you now
thats how it seems