For Adam.

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My new four year old
Looking up at me with those familiar eyes
Do you know how you strike me?
Touching beyond the boundaries of flesh
Deep within I churn
Creating a thousand tears
Manufacturing a million smiles
Your touch guiding each process

My heart beats faster
Eager for you to feel its rhythm
For you to know your meaning
To understand your worth
As my arms embrace your form.

Hands you see as strong
The makers and builders
Capable of anything and everything
Become soft, sensitive, gentle
Wiping that tear from your cheek
Or touching your nose playfully
Grinning that daddy grin
At my Addy boy

A superhero
Tall, strong, unbeaten
I stand firm, confident
Daddy can do anything
Daddy can be anything
Daddy knows everything
How can I meet your expectation?
And yet even flawed
It matters not
Daddy is my daddy
Daddy is my world

A tear wanders aimlessly
Creating a pathway on my cheek
My heart laden with every vision of you
Heavy without your hand in mine
Without your awestruck eyes
Without your call of my name
The excitement in your voice
Knowing you too miss me as I work
And wait, seemingly endlessly
For our time

I am everything you aim to be
And everything I hope you aren't
I've seen the world you can only imagine
And you imagine world for me to see
I've walked paths you'll never follow
You've followed paths only I could make
How inspired by me are you?
How inspired by you am i?
How incredible are we?
Addy and Daddy
Daddy and Addy

And what words have I to tell you this?
That you'll understand and know my heart
I love you my Big Boy Addy and everything you are...