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27, not old, not young
Not just right either!
I frown.

And what have I gained?
Where do I stand?
What joys have i brought?
What greatness have I achieved?
What did I do with 27 years...
...that no other can emulate?

Kick the desk
Pain, I achieved pain.
Hopping and clutching my shin
In many ways.

I took pain
I rolled pain out
Cut it into shapes
Recognisable by the naked eye

I took pain
I trimmed pain down
Cut it into chunks
Chewable by the masses

I created pain
Forming it clearly in my mind
Moulding it into something viscious
Displayed for all to feel

27 Years
Editing pain
Amplifying emotion
Negatives, negatives
Ironic positives

But have I created understanding?