September 2006

Curt or Doof

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Can’t say the right thing As Curt or as Doof I don’t have the answers So I just stand aloof You don’t want my sympathy Nor a cynical bluff Whatever you do need I haven’t enough My wit unamusing My worry too vague You won’t give a name to Those things that do plague Won’t… Read More »Curt or Doof

Two Teared

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Two worlds Both mine Make an impact Make some time Smile contently That’s the sign That all is good here All is fine. Take a moment Feel resigned Both worlds are broken And both, are mine.


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I wake each morning alone Sunlight highlights my world With accented tones of newness In this new day unfurled It isn’t that I’m solitary You’re beside me all the while But my new start brings no happiness Unaccompanied by your smile I walk my path quite blindly Taking chances when I turn And you watch,… Read More »Unnaccompanied