August 2003

Depression (2)

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Want to know how crazy I am?
Want to know what the hell is wrong with me?
Why I drop and cry for no reason??
Me too.


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It’s been with me a while – and its scary, comes in bouts almost crippling, and then they give you drugs… weird drugs, that stop you feeling, almost… maybe they just stop you crying?? Then, explain this…

Unsure (1)

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Some memories are pointless
and some worth treasuring – if only to relive a past regret.

Mistery Girl

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Some people catch your eye at wierd moments. And some special people you meet when you least expect to…

Heres one of them, an exceedingly cute (gorgeous too) gal who helped make many working days pass much quicker when I worked for Hewlett Packard <coughs>